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Marital Outlook Assessment [Sample Report]

For those thinking of marriage and also for those already married and seeking to improve the quality of married life.


Career Preference Assessment [Sample Report]

For young students to the grown-ups.

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Life Skills Assessment [Sample Report]

For the young and old alike, to understand improvements needed in essential life skills.


Minds of People

Established in 2001, Minds of People is engaged in the areas of human development at individual and organisational levels. For individuals, we provide psychological support services, counselling and mentoring in the areas of education, career development, interpersonal relationships, personality development and mental health through qualified and experienced psychologists.

Our Chief Psychologist

Major Vijay Kumar (Rtd.) Psychologist's Registration No. A54585: MA in Psychology, Post Graduate, Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Xavier, Institute of Counselling Psychology, Mumbai, Diploma in Training and Development (topped Organisational Behaviour paper of this course) and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. He is a registered Psychologist with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), an institution formed under a Central Government Act, and a member of Counsellors’ Association of India and Lifetime Associate Member of Bombay Psychiatric Society. He is also a member of All India Management Association and Bombay Management Association since the past many years. He has been conducting counselling, psychotherapy, psychometric testing and mentoring in the areas of education, career development, interpersonal relationships, marital relationships, personality development and mental health. He is a former Indian Army Officer and has vast experience of senior positions in some corporate organisations, dealing in the areas of general management, Organisational Development (OD), HRD and training. A large number of his articles on psychological and other topics have been published in many periodicals. He is a well-known corporate trainer and organisational behaviour expert too.

Sonali Sikdar, Senior Psychologist: Her professional qualifications include MA Psychology, MBA (HR), REBT from Albert Ellis Institute, USA, Transactional Analysis (Masters), as Career Guidance and Counselling Expert from Feeling Minds, Meta Health (P) from IMMA, as Lifestyle Prescriptions (Health Coach – Germany), as Access Consciousness Practitioner, as Pranic Healing Practitioner, as Mindfulness Practitioner with Certification and Certification from TISS on Youth and Sexuality. She is a professionally qualified Psychologist practicing in areas like Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)- Albert Ellis, USA, Transactional Analysis etc. and as a Lifestyle Prescriptions (Germany) Health Coach for the past many years. She also incorporates alternate techniques for supporting her clients via Access Bars and Pranic healing. She is a member of National Positive Psychology Association (NPPA) and Counsellors’ Association of India (CAI). She has expertise in the areas of Parenting and Career Guidance and Counselling. She has vast corporate experience of working with IBM India for over 13 years.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. - Dalai Lama

Interested in associating with us for providing psychological and mind-care services?

Many people suffer mental health issues like anxiety, depression, personality disorders, mental diseases etc. in silence because they or the people connected to them in their life tend to view such issues as taboo. Unlike in matters relating to physical health, the care-givers or closely related people of anyone with a mental health problem suffer a lot indirectly for no fault of theirs. Also, the wrong choice of educational stream, career segment, life partner etc. tends to push people into unhappiness, probably for life.

The services that we are providing, especially Career Preference Assessment, Marital Outlook Assessment and Life Skills Assessment and also the other psychological services, can be of immense help to many people. With this, if you feel that you can associate with us in providing our services to the needy, please let us know it.